Kosher Lemehadrin Passover with Friedman's

Pesach vacation package for 10 days in Larnaca, Cyprus


We’ve organized a dreamy Kosher L’Mehadrin Pesach vacation just for you!

At Mimosa Beach Hotel in Protaras, Cyprus


Pesach Vacation Package | From April 19 – April 27


The Friedman family and Kosher Bookings invite you to an unforgettable getaway at Mimosa Beach Hotel, which is operating this year as a Kosher L’Mehadrin Pesach hotel! During your vacation, you will enjoy round-trip flights (from Israel only), comfortable hotel amenities, gourmet meals, a large outdoor swimming pool, public lounging areas and a private beach for the hotel guests! Activities include organized excursions to highly recommended tour spots (for a separate an addition fee), shows and culture evenings suitable for the entire family, films shown at the hotel, a playroom and babysitting services.

Near the hotel, you will find: a promenade, souvenir shops, and cafés.

The city of Ayia Napa is just a 10-minute drive away. There, you’ll find every type of water activity you could imagine – sailing, banana boats, jet skis…as well as ATVs, a large amusement park, beaches and more.


What the package includes?

Seder night with strict halachic adherence

warm, family-style atmosphere, option of holding a private family Seder in a separate room for an additional fee

Swimming pool

outdoor pool for adults and children at the hotel. There will also be separate hours for men and women during the vacation

Gourmet meals

delectable dishes, an abundance of meats, gorgeous desserts, prepared by our Israeli chef

Strictly kosher

no kitniyot or gebrochs, on-site mashgiach

Activities for children

Fully equipped playroom with arts and crafts tables, building games, board games and an outdoor area

Babysitting services

Babysitters will keep your children entertained when you want to relax


About the hotel:

The hotel is located right on the beach, with 80 comfortable rooms, a large, spacious outdoor swimming pool, and a kiddie pool.

There are expansive outdoor sitting areas with lounge chairs, as well as a cozy lobby open to our guests at any time.

The indulgent hotel rooms include: comfortable beds, closet and pleasant bathroom. The hotel features standard rooms that are facing the sea view (up to 3 pepole in a room). The hotel also has family rooms with connecting doors. There is a Shul and a Sefer Torah inside the hotel.

Kashrut: The Friedman family and Kosher Bookings operate the hotel and promise the highest level of kashrut, under the supervision of Rabbi Yechezkel Sheinfeld of Bnei Brak, without kitniyot or gebrochts. The meat and dairy products are all imported from England, with the Kedassia hechsher from London. Matzot are machine shmura, 18-minute mehadrin.


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Activities throughout Pesach:

We have activities planned for the whole family every night of Chol HaMoed: a Greek magic show, a Greek Folklore Evening, an acrobatics show, a fire tricks show and more! We have a full schedule of organized trips to highly recommended locations throughout the island. You will find high-end boutiques within walking distance of the hotel in Ayia Napa, Go-Karts, water sports, a beach and even an amusement park. Jumbo Larnaca, the huge shopping center with many, many stores and great prices, is just a half-hour drive away if you’d like a change of scenery. 

Traveling with Children?

The Friedmans have worked hard to ensure that the hotel is child- and family-friendly. Children staying with us for Pesach can enjoy a playroom equipped with activity tables, a variety of board games and building toys, as well as a large outdoor plaza where they can play.

And How About the Food?

The hotel restaurant serves delicious meals, plenty of meats, beautifully designed desserts, fruits and delicious cakes – all under Kosher L'Mehadrin supervision for Pesach. For your convenience upon request, a light meaty meal against payment, will be served at the pool bar throughout Chol HaMoed. Enjoy grilled wings, burgers, hot dogs, French fries, soft drinks and salads as you relax poolside on this wonderful vacation! Our special Israeli chef is responsible for the meals and kitchen staff.

The full package includes 8 nights based on a half-board basis.

A 5-night package is also available.




Please note:

If necessary, the company is entitled to change the trip itineraries without prior notice.

Trip outings are always subject to minimum registration of 20 paid participants.


For reservations, please call: 072-3717380

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We’ve put together the perfect vacation package for you, making sure that every detail is in place, so that you can sick back and enjoy a kosher Pesach.

Now all that’s left for you to do is choose how long you want to stay:

חבילה 8 לילות כל פסח
2900 €
For a couple, 8 nights
between 19.4-28.4
Indulge yourselves! 8 night package – for all of Pesach
No cleaning madness! Family-style Seder night, at a hotel with a swimming pool and tons of activities, shows and day trips for the entire family.

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