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Kosher Mehadrin Vacation in Kyrenia, Cyprus

Friedman accommodations at the Malpas Hotel offer a luxury vacation in an exclusive 5-star hotel perfect for couples and families, with a large and impressive outdoor swimming pool, a beautiful indoor swimming pool with separate swimming hours for men and women, green lawns, a fully equipped gym, jacuzzi, Turkish baths, sauna, and steam room. The hotel offers guests spa and beauty treatments to rejuvenate both body and soul.


This is a Kosher vacation in a luxury hotel specially adapted for religious guests. The hotel overlooks a fantastic panoramic view of the island. It is located on the north side of the beach by Kyrenia, a picturesque beach town, full of small cafes, shops, and fascinating historical sites. A private beach for hotel guests is located close by, just north of the hotel. Shuttles depart from the hotel every hour to the beach, just for hotel guests. In the surrounding area, there are tourist attractions, extreme sports, stores, and shopping for the entire family.


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KosherBookings מלון כשר בקפריסין | נופש כשר
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Hot Deals

Deal 1
768 €
4 nights for two adults
between 6.12 - 8.12
Hotel King David Prague, Czech Republic
mid-week, in the magical city of Prague. Price for standard room, including breakfast and dinner. Flights not included.
Deal 2
540 €
3 nights over the weekend for two adults
between 1.11 - 31.11
Hotel King David Prague, Czech Republic
A romantic winter in Prague: weekend during the month of November for an especially attractive price, breakfast and dinner included, in a standard room. Flights not included.
Deal 3
360 €
2 nights over the weekend for two adults
between 1.2-28.2
Hotel King David Prague, Czech Republic
Spend Shabbat gorgeous Prague. Relax over Shabbat with the most magical winter atmosphere of the year. Two nights for two, breakfast and dinner included. Flights not included.

Kosher Vacations All Year Round

Welcome to the virtual Garden of Eden for religious vacationers. Here at Kosher Bookings, we’ve collected the best, most luxurious kosher hotels that provide full service for religious guests – from kosher food to active synagogues, mikvehs and all of the other details that will make your next vacation a worry-free one.

Summer, winter, after the holidays or even on Passover – it doesn’t matter when you choose to go away. Our hotels are kosher all year round, providing a wide range of fresh, quality meals. Leave those canned goods at home! No need to worry about your next meal or look for a kosher restaurant for hours on end. All that’s left is to enjoy and take advantage of your quality time together.

We at Kosher Bookings make sure to find you the best deals. Planning a vacation doesn’t need to be difficult – we take care of everything you need with the different hotels. The hotels on our website were carefully selected and meet the highest standards of quality and service.

Just peruse the photos and decide which destination you prefer. Then, with the click of a button – your perfectly planned vacation awaits you.

Have a great vacation!

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