Your visit to Cyprus is the perfect opportunity to discover pieces of the country's colorful culture and history. You'll find fishing villages and workshops that preserve thousands of years' tradition surrounded by breathtaking mountain views and magical golden beaches.

We've compiled a list of exclusive and highly recommended day trips throughout the island.

All trips leave from the hotel accompanied by a tour guide. You may choose between an English or Hebrew tour. Trips must be reserved and paid for in advance



On this trip, we visit one of the most interesting cities in the Middle East. Nicosia, at its heart a cross of both Greek and Turkish Cyprus, boasts multiple historic and cultural sites as well as colorful markets and bazaars.

We begin our tour in the Greek part of the city. We'll visit the Famagusta Gate which leads into Old Nicosia, we will go to Greek Cypriot sites, visit the National Struggle Museum and the Palace of the Archbishop Makarios, we will tour the Venetian Walls that have surrounded the capital city for over 500 years, and we'll wander the alleyways of the Greek Quarter.

We will then cross the border to the Old Turkish Quarter where we will wander the bazaars and historic sites such as Buyuk Han (the Great Inn). The St. Sophia Cathedral, the Old Marketplace -passports are necessary!. We will continue our tour through the narrow alleys that houses the poor residents of Northern Nicosia, pass through the Kyrenia Gate and conclude our tour with shopping in both halves of the city.

You may choose to visit these other sites as well: The Turkish Municipal Building, The Turkish National Struggle Museum, observation point from Kyrenia Gate, the British Victorian Law Courts Building, tour of the casino or the Nicosia malls. Return to Larnaca.

Total trip time: 6-8 hours

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We take the rural route from Larnaca to Nicosia on this day trip. We pass by agricultural villages that have preserved the true tradition of the residents of Cyprus for many, many years and still maintain it today. We will meet the locals and acquaint ourselves with their stories, their culture and their heartfelt hospitality

The route climbs up to the Stavrovouni Monastery, an ancient monastery almost 2,000 years old that sits at a height of 680 meter and boasts a spectacular view of the area.  From there, we continue through the villages along the base of the Troodos Mountains. We'll see silversmiths and village women known far and wide for their fine lace and embroidery; we'll meet the local craftsmen, hear their stories and tour the narrow alleyways of the village. From there, we continue to Kato Drys where we will be hosted by a native agricultural family, hear the history of the ancient village over a nice cup of coffee and visit the family's home-like museum.

Our stops on the trip will include a local winery that specializes in creating fine "boutique" wines, a dairy farm that manufactures Halloumi cheese, an authentic olive press that has produced olive oil for many decades, and more.

The full route: Departure from Larnaca, observation point on the Roman aqueduct, the salt lakes, the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, visits in agricultural villages, the villages of Agia Anna and Parga, a drive up the mountain peak of the Stavrovouni Monastery, Kornos Village, Lefkara Village known for its lace and its silverware, Kato Drys Village, The Bee Museum, a stop at the winery, an olive press and/or a visit to a dairy farm. Return to Larnaca.

Total trip Time: 8 hours

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We will visit the main port city of Cyprus on this trip, passing by marinas filled with both fishing boats and yachts. We will visit picturesque villages, tour in the ancient city of Limassol and explore its ancient port. The trip concludes with shopping at the mall, full of great stores including a children’s Gymboree.

We depart from Larnaca and travel the length of the south beaches of Cyprus. On our way to Limassol, we’ll stop at the Zygi Marina and other spellbinding sites as we drive through picturesque villages. We will stop at the entrance to the city to do some shopping at the Jumbo shopping mall in Limassol.
From there, we continue our tour by foot to the ancient city of Limassol, full of interesting sites and extremely sought-after tourist attractions.  We continue on to the new marina where the wealthy dock their yachts, and on to the old marina that was for centuries the important business center of the entire island of Cyprus. At the conclusion of the trip, we will visit the My Mall shopping center that is chock full of stores, including a Gymboree for kids.

The Full Route:
Departure from Larnaca, riding along shore roads to Limassol, stops at the Zygi Marina, a power station and Mary’s Park, the ancient city of Limassol, the new marina, the old port, shopping at My Mall. Optional stops: village of Pyrgos, a stop at Jumbo Limassol.

Total Trip Time: 8-9 hours

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We will travel the length of magical island beaches between fishing marinas and fishing villages, tour gulfs and bays, discover pieces of Jewish historic importance, and see spectacular nature locations.

The trip begins at British bases and Internment camps where many of the stories of Aliyah Bet took place during the years of the establishment of the State of Israel.  We'll pass by marinas and fishing villages, we will meet with the local and hear the fishermen's stories. We'll then cross the Agia Napa resort town heading toward a number of beautiful locations with stunning views and breathtaking nature sites of Cape Greco. The tour will conclude at the marina and the Agia Napa Monastery. During the summer months, there is also the option of swimming at one of the magnificent Agia Napa beaches.

The full route: Departure from Larnaca, British bases, internment camps, the Pedieos River, Agia Thekla, Nissi Beach, the Agia Napa Marina, the Venetian Cathedral, the wedding rock, Cape Greco, and the Sculpture Park. Optional stops: Jumbo Larnaca shopping center.

Total trip time: 6-8 hours

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On this trip, we'll walk through dense forests, pass by beautiful rivers and waterfalls as we head for the peak of the Troodos Mountains.  On our way, we will also meet with the villagers and local tradesmen.

This trip departs from Larnaca to the villages of the Troodos Mountains. There we will visit pottery workshops, the Menargos winery and a factory that produces jellies and other delicacies. From there, we will visit in the village of Aglandjia and tour the small bazaar of Trimiklini Village. We walk along a river and the waterfalls of Caledonia, pass by the Trout Pools, visit another small bazaar and stop for a breathtaking view at the peak of the Troodos Mountains. We'll end our trip with a fascinating visit in the ancient city of Omodos.

Total trip time: 9-10 hours

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On this trip, we will visit Famagusta, the once-upon-a-time pearl of tourism, now turned into a ghost town.

We will visit ancient sites and see the abandoned city and go through the internment camps in Agios Nikolaos. Many Jews ended up here as the ships carrying them to the shores of Israel were caught and turned away.  We will get to the Old City of Famagusta which was once the incredible tourist site known for its golden shores and incredible transparent seas.

We will visit the Varosha Ghost Town, silent and empty, which was abandoned more than forty years ago. From there, we travel to the archeological site of Salamis and visit fishing villages and ancient fishing ports that operate even today.

Total trip time: 8-9 hours