About Kosher Bookings

Picking a destination, buying plane tickets, reserving a hotel room, packing and traveling – things we all do to go on vacation. But wait – what about the food? Do I have to bring food from home? Is there a Chabad House nearby? And how can I leave my hotel on Shabbat?

Yes, hotel reservations, flights and hotels can all be reserved with the click of a button, but now you have to worry about keeping kosher abroad. You have to either deal with these challenges alone or be part of a kosher organized tour, which jacks up the price significantly.

Kosher Bookings was established to enable the religious traveler to indulge in a vacation abroad without having to worry about keeping Kashrus or worrying about Shabbat. Using Kosher Bookings means that you do not have to join a tour group at a date pre-determined by a tour company. Kosher Bookings opens up a new world of destinations that were, until, now, much too difficult to plan for on your own. And we do it within Kosher L'Mehadrin standards with solutions for both Shabbat and holidays. We also put a strong emphasis on attractive prices as well as year-round availability.


We’re Here for You

The Friedmans and the Kosher Bookings Staff